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A few things for sale E46 M3 OEM Parts, E9x M3 Carbon Diffuser, new tyres, offers !

boba fett

Racing Driver
I have a few items for sale, they have been sitting around for some time, don't want much for them and they are as follows:

E46 M3 Coupe Silver Grey Boot lid with M rear spoiler... Offers
E46 M3 Coupe Silver Grey OEM Diffuser... Offers
E46 M3 Coupe standard suspension...offers
M3 E9X rear Carbon Diffuser. A copy, never fitted, probably needs some fettling...Offers
2 x New Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Asymmetrical Race tyres 265-30-19. Bought these as a pair for the rear of an E46 M3 and bought 2 of one side by mistake (they are side specific) never returned them !!...offers

Don't want a lot and collection preferred. Please PM me.

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