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Audi RSQ8 vs Jeep Trackhawk


Tyre Kicker
F90 M5
I had an RS8 sitting behind me on the motorway a few weeks ago. Interestingly, that car had the RSQ8 badge on the grill removed, though it had it on the back. Must admit I really like this. I think the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE look a bit awkward in comparison, especially the back end of them, whereas Audi seemed to to have managed to get it right.

I was offered one of these by an Audi dealer before I settled on getting an M5 but it was mega money on a massive PCP, something that I've done in the past but am shying away from these days. When they get to a decent price on the used market, I must admit I could be tempted. Been running around in my wife's Range Rover Sport for the past few days and I must admit that the SUV life is quiet appealing. I must be getting old...

As for the Jeep. Quite like the look of the front-end but other than that it falls into the category of cars that I'll never consider owning to be honest.