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BMW Carbon Ceramic Brakes Paint Code


Tyre Kicker
M5 / TTS
There isn’t one.

At least not one you can use. Brembo manufacture these callipers as OEM components for BMW and have an in-house paint code for them, but it’s not commercially available and is unique to BMW.

There’s a lot of misinformation about this online so I thought I’d post this to help anyone Googling the info, like I did. It’s not Meridian Gold despite what some other people on other forums have said and it’s not a colour that body shops can match with a paint code or colour name.

Your only hope of getting a touch-up paint for this is to use a friendly body shop that can use a paint scanner to formulate the right mix (difficult, as many of these require a 4inch square area to scan the colour. Not possible on a brake calliper) or get a good painter to mix some paint up by eye alone.

My local place did just that and the small chip on the edge of one of my callipers is now very well disguised.