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BT's X3 M40i


Tyre Kicker
BMW X3 M40i
Great car, ticks so many boxes !
Indeed it does, more than enough power to pin the dog against the back window.... and can swallow 2 bikes, or a wardrobe, or an entire load for the tip with ease. Adaptive makes a huge difference to the ride, particularly in Sport - something that heavy & tall shouldn't be able to go round corners like it does.....

I'd quite like to get it dyno'd once all this shitshow is over. Some of the guys on the X3 Bimmerpost forums reckon the B58 is putting out closer to 390bhp stock rather than the rated 360, and a few have hit sub-4.5 sec 0-60 times. My own completely unofficial & unscientific timing using launch control puts it at 4.4 but it would be good to get a proper GPS-timed run. I'm not sure whether the Bootmod3 tune is readily available here, but on the US forum I've seen some get over 450bhp from the B58. Only 18 months until it's out of warranty....... ;)