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E46 M3 Coding


Boy Racer
As title, if anyone is looking for some coding doing on their E46 M3 drop me a pm.

I can do it in person or remotely (assuming you have a laptop, cable and wi-fi when in the car), or even on the bench.

Just message me with your requirements and I can sort it out for you.

The following is a list of some of the options I can offer:

M Track Mode (Oct 2002 Onwards)
Roof or Sunroof Open / Close from key
Windows close from key (including rears on coupe)
Mirror memory position adjustment when in reverse.
Alarm Beep on lock / unlock
Alarm Flash on lock / unlock
Alarm Tone volume and Beep / Continuous Sound
Headlights Flash when Alarm Sounding
Doors lock above 5mph
Car re-locks automatically if unlocked and then left for 2 minutes.
Comfort Opening (Drivers window lowers with double push of unlock)
Panic alarm (Hold boot release button)
TV in motion
Voice Recognition
Follow Me Home Lights
Double Impulse Hazards
Electric Mirrors Fold on lock/unlock (if you have electric fold)
Code LED lights to pre-facelift car
Daytime Running lights (2002 onwards, not available remotely)
Disable Airbags

Engine DME Coding Changes:
6MT Shift Lights (SMG already has this)
Speed limit Removal.
Enable sport button memory.
Modified Oil temperature warning light ranges.
Modified rev limits from 8000RPM up to 8200RPM
Sport Button throttle Adjustment.
Comfort mode throttle adjustment
CSL rev matching (SMG only)
CSL inertia update (works with the rev matching, again SMG only)
Rear 02 sensor delete (incase you fit decats)
Secondary air pump disabled (stop the jet sound and some of the rough running on cold start)
Fully disable coldstart routine (car drives the same from cold, as it does when warm, no more kangarooing or rough running)
Pops and bangs on overrun (works better with decats, but not great for your engine)
Raise EGT sensor limits or disable completely (not recommended if running cats).
Enable dyno mode (makes it easier to do a power run on a rolling road)
Disable CSL flap DTC (clone CSL ecu's only)
Enable cruise control (clone CSL ecu's only)
Disable EWS (immobiliser)
Enable Alpha-N mode (only required for CSL airbox / Velocity stacks)

SMG Ecu:
Update software to CSL 731 or 255 software.

I can also offer some E92 and F8x coding, but I do not offer this remotely.