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F8x carbon inner door handles ( special offer)


Carbon King
As this is my first item I’m listing for sale I thought I would do a special on it
I have 3 pairs of carbon inner door handles available.

These have been freshly skinned and it’s exact the same process MPerformance use to do theirs... but without M Tax!!!
ising OEM bmw original parts to ensure perfect fit.

finished using high quality 2k clear coat to withstand Aug rays and the battering handles often take. Vacuum and heat treated several times. Each piece takes 3 weeks to complete properly!

limited time only £150 a pair904408AF-642B-4DD1-8761-C7E7F07542FE.jpeg6A8D1EB7-42BA-4DE5-8537-D2731A0C1061.jpeg2D345BFB-688E-47FD-A81B-66DE343AA8C8.jpeg