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New Mercedes C63 / E73 power plant details revealed.


Tyre Kicker
F83 M4

A lot of people have been moaning about the loss of the V8 in the new C63 but this sounds VERY interesting!

E73 with a 4.0. V8 paired to the same hybrid motor and pumping out 800bhp sounds mental!


Chief Engineer
F56 JCW & Vintage MTB
V6 hybrid I’m in 4 cylinder I will test drive it, but that glorious twin turbo was a duel in my AMG it was absolutely fantastic, that made me go AMG rather than M4, this time I honestly think the tech will be fantastic, but the 4 pot is for the A45 for me, they also have a straight 6 on the go as well so huge gamble this, will be interesting to see tax on it