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Welcome to the newly launched community for German Performance car lovers. The site is in it's launch phase at the moment and so content and membership is small (but growing). Soon we'll have competition prizes and and a live ad campaign to help build the community. If you'd like to be apart of what's going on, sign up and join in!

Site updates and an appeal for help…


Staff member
Hi Guys,

I hope you’re enjoying the site and would like to thank everyone for sticking with it as it slowly starts to gain traction.

We’ve gone through the phase of a large group of users coming across because it’s new and out of curiosity but inevitably those users tend to gravitate back to their preferred and established sites. We’re now at that difficult bit where we’re trying to grow organically with new users.

There will come a point in time where it gets much busier but it takes a looong time to start showing up on Google search rankings. It’s a viscous circle. More content means the site becomes more visible and gets more active users, but it takes a lot of users to generate content.

So please help us. Don’t be shy and share as much as possible to help us become more visible and help the site grow and become busier. Whether it’s a bit of automotive news or something more personal, sticking up a new thread helps to create conversation and attract new users.

Back links make a huge difference to google ranking so if you post on other sites, even a little link to us in your signature can really help.

On the updates front, you should start to see the site load and perform faster with immediate effect. We’ve made some updates that should drastically improve performance.

If you experience any bugs please let us know here.

Thanks. 🍺