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So bought a new car


Pit Crew
So while a bit of charter about being a bit quite on here.

Thought I would give an update on 4 months of ownership.

So on the whole it is an amazing bit if kit..

More than quick enough and puts the power down sooooo well.. I know not a comparison to the M4 but it feels so much more planted going into and out of the twisty stuff.. gives you so much confidence..but guess that's the 4 wheel drive.. also DSG is so much better than the DCT from BMW. Which I never thought I would say as I really liked it in the F82 M4. But saying that still preferred the manual in my E92 M3.

But out of all the gearboxes I have had including a short 10 days in G82 M4 that I just had to give back the DSG has been awesome.

My main dislikes have been the lack of gadgets.. manual seats, no electric boot ect. While it has all the stuff I expect to be standard these days like wireless charging, android auto ect..

Seat sound system is also way better than BMW Harman Kardon which I never expected..

So all in all pound for pound Cupra is a winner... the bonus is was only 35k came with 2 years additional warranty that was bolted onto the end of manufactures so gave me 3 years, 2 years breakdown and Mot cover and 2 years servicing..

So no complaints


Test Pilot
Porsche 930 turbo
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