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Thoughts a second “fun” car…


Boy Racer
BMW M135i xDrive
I have toyed with the idea, on and off, for a while with trying to get hold of a second “fun” car…

Now, “fun”, to me, does not necessary mean performance or having a laugh trying to go quickly …(within the limits of Highway Code etc)… I totally get the attraction of that, and have access to a lot of fun roads locally where you can have a hoot without ever breaking the speed limit and hardly ever meeting other traffic (as long as you avoid holiday season)… I did toy with the idea of things like VW UP GTi… But they are NOT cheap… Also, I have had a GT3 in the past, so performance expectations are somewhat tempered by having driven that thing…

But, I also want something I can mess about with, tinker with, and maybe drive to car shows n stuff… Maybe something I can bring back up into a beret condition (not restore, necessarily, but definitely lift up internally and externally)… Something that looks pretty nifty and would actually be fairly easy on the wallet mechanically (so not fancy engines and something with an established network of specialist repairers)…

Almost by accident, I stumbled upon an E46 Coupe other day (not this particular one, just finding something similar on AT web site) and started to wonder if this could be the solution…?

I always thought the E46 was nicer than the E36… and E21’s and E30’s are getting older and the ones around fetching higher prices…

Not sure about this particular one, of course (it’s pretty pricy even though it looks to be fairly original and in decent enough shape)… Not sure I’d need a 330… 320/23/25 would be fine for my needs… but then half the fun is in the searching, right… and I guess quality trumps engine selection at the end of the day…

I think some cars are coming onto the market because of things like ULEZ which, for me, and for a few thousand mile a year, isn’t a problem… I have the 135 for all my needs… but that one would be OK for any low emission zones around here (Newcastle, for instance).

Something like this with AC, parking sensors and not totally trashed inside (seats can be easily recovered but anything else starts getting more costly) and electrics that are all working… 6cyl one… would be quite a nice car to go to places like car meets and things in…


Tyre Kicker
Audi R8 V10+ • Taycan GTS
Lots of potential to play with there. Looks a decent example. Does it need to be a beemer or a four seater?

boba fett

Racing Driver
For me, the best fun cars for under 10k are Clio RS200 Cup, mini R56 JCW, and you still might be able to get a decent 182 Trophy for 10k.

Not sure I’d call a 330 coupe fun? Bit heavy and feels heavy