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Toyota Pruis - The Anti-Christ to a Petrolhead !

boba fett

Racing Driver
I have been hacking around in one for a few days now, mostly getting things done to it so its perfect. You have to admire it to some degree, it does 60 mpg, Zero road Tax, Cheap to insure, cheap to run, comfortable for 5 with shopping, has most of the modern day Tech and I don't know a car more reliable, and if you look at most for sale they have done hundreds of thousands of miles and have a hard life most of course being private hire and Taxis!!

Anyway here it is, its a Prius Anniversary LTD EDN, OOooer!! and Get this, it has a full Body kit, special Alloys, Blacked out windows and unique leather interior!! All so important to the Eco conscious Vegan tree Hugger LOL !

As a quick round up though, I would say its cheaper still to walk, and the walk will likely be more interesting and exciting !!


Chief Engineer
BMW 3 Series
There's a reason it has blacked out windows mate !!!!!! it's like the ugly bird at school , great ride but you dont want your mates to see you in it.