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Vendor Yorkshire/South Wales VAG Diagnostics

Audi R8 V10 Plus
Hi guys,

I’ve been made aware that I have had a few mentions on this forums so decided I should show my face.

i am Simon, owner of Yorkshire/South Wales VAG diagnostics. I am currently living in Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire near Goole/Selby. I visit parents most weekends over in Leeds. I then stay with my girlfriend on average 1 week out of 4 in Blaina, South Wales. So I do get about a bit in case my main area isn’t best suitable for people! I can also provide some services remotely depending on what you want and what car you have.

the following is a generic list of options for many Audi/Vw models:

✅apple CarPlay activations

✅android auto activations

✅2022 map updates

✅sat nav activations

✅traffic sign recognition activations

✅lane assist activations

✅high beam assist activations

✅emissions rollbacks

✅OEM VAG gearbox firmware updates

✅OEM VAG Haldex firmware updates

✅OEM VAG engine firmware update

✅MMI firmware updates

✅virtual dashboard firmware updates

✅speed camera alerts

✅magnetic ride calibration

✅video in motion activations

✅general small coding tweaks

✅OEM cruise control for Audi A3 8v

If anyone would like to get in touch for any works, please WhatsApp me on 07940109102 :) thanks!


Tyre Kicker
Audi TTS • Taycan GTS
Can certainly vouch for Simon. Did a great job adding Carplay to my TTS and I know he worked on @Denso’s car as well. 👍🏻