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Cossie1's Evos


Boy Racer
Well if we are doing Evo's then I guess it would be rude not to add mine:

My first Evo was an Evo 6 GSR in Icelle Blue.

Bought it totally standard, didn't think much of the performance of it when I bought it, but a walbro fuel pump and a dawes device, along with a stainless exhaust and decat took it to a healthy and usable 325bhp at 1.1bar.

Next up, was a very rare Evo 6 RSII in Silver (there were only 2 in the country when I had mine), this is the car that Ralliart UK / Xtreame sold as the RSX, the only difference was the RSX had Recaro SR3 (iirc) seats and a new sticker on the bootlid, whereas the RSII came with the standard RS seats (not recaro's). This car had been fitted with Evo 6 GSR seats when I bought it and was pushing 366BHP using an Apexi Power FC. It had an HKS hi-power silent exhaust when I bought it, which was soon removed and something much more pleasing fitted.

Next up was a cheap Evo 5 GSR, picked it up for a bargain price on a whim, but after the 6 RSII, I wasn't impressed so didn't keep it long (less than a month iirc). Previous owner had, had it mapped (badly) and the thing kept hitting boost cut, so I ended up fitting a dawes device to lower the boost on it, just to make it drivable.



Boy Racer
Next up was another rare Evo 6 RSII, this car I spent a year looking for, I had a tight budget and I wanted a white Evo 6, and ideally an RSII but there was nothing about. Then 1 night I spotted 1 drive past me whilst I was with a few mates in a carpark. 1 of the lads I was with said ahh that's so and so's new car, it will be for sale soon as he can't insure it.

Sure enough 3 days later I spotted it on pistonheads, it was 25 miles away and needless to say it was mine a couple of hours later.

Totally standard apart from the Wheels, Exhaust (Blitz Nur Spec), HKS mushroom filter and Evo 5 GSR seats when I bought it (look better than the 6 GSR seats).

That's how it looked when I bought it.

By the time I sold this one, it was pushing 730bhp, running a 2.2 stroker kit, GTX35R turbo kit, 1000cc injectors, k&n filter, walbro lift pump, bosch 044 motorsport pump, wild cams and all sorts of other nice bits and pieces.
All being controlled with the stock Evo 6 Ecu and still running the maf sensor (albeit an Evo 7 maf as they were slightly bigger).

I did all the work myself on the car (well in the end, there were a couple of inbetween engines, running between 400 and 450bhp), but the final result was all my own work, spec'ing the engine, building the engine, mapping it, the lot.

This is pretty much how it looked when I sold the car (note maf is missing in the pictures as when it was magazine featured I was running speed density mapping at the time, so no maf was fitted).



Boy Racer
Whilst I was building the above to it's final spec (car was off the road about a year) I needed a runabout.

So I bought an Evo 1 RS (well actually I swapped a Citroen Xsara VTS that I bought from a mate for £350 and £1200 for it).

A very mint low mileage and very rare car.

Me being me, I couldn't leave it alone, it had an unknown chip fitted, so I fitted a knock-link to keep on eye on what the engine was doing, and as I bought some Recaro SR3 seats for the Evo 6, I fitted the Evo 5 GSR seats into the Evo 1.
The exhaust on it was a complete bodge, some unknown backbox and the centre pipe was some 4" corrugated flexi pipe that was vibrating badly on the bottom of the car with some seriously bad welding, but thankfully nothing else on the car was bodged. So I bought a proper turbo back system for it, which as it turned out needed an Evo 3 turbo elbow, so took alot of fettling to get to fit. I ended up replacing the turbo with an Evo 3 turbo in the end as it was the only way to stop the downpipe from keep coming undone.

I also bought a complete original Evo 3 bodykit for a bargain price from Simon Norris as I knew he had 1 kicking about in his workshop, so just gave him a call and offered him £200 for it, and he said sure come and get it (result).

My final Evo was an other Evo 5 GSR, that I took in PX against the White RSII.

It was a complete pile of shite and not really worth mentioning.



Boy Racer
Great write-up and photos mate. Enjoyed that (y)
Cheers, I had alot of up's and downs with that car.

When I bought it, my intention was to change the wheels to the ones that I ended up fitting, lowering it on coilovers, fitting a Ralliart Ecu and a walbro fuel pump, that was it.
350bhp was all I wanted from it.

But I couldn't find a Ralliart Ecu at the time, and I stumbled upon Ecuflash, so I ended up fitting an Evo 7 ecu (first Evo 6 in the UK to have one fitted) and did a bit of tweaking.

First dyno run it came away with a safe 377bhp / 380lbft (iirc) and I was over the moon.

Then I won a competition on the MLR and ended up with a set of cams for it, which I didn't want to fit as I was worried about going over 400bhp / 400lbft with stock bottom end.

So I paid someone to build me a forged engine, I bought an Evo 5 turbo for it with a ball bearing conversion and some 730cc injectors, we fitted the engine over a weekend (one out and new one in) then I had it mapped by someone that knew what they were doing as I wasn't confident enough to map it properly myself as I was still a newbie to it.

The car went on the dyno and came away with 396bhp / 420lbft and I was gutted, it was a rocket on the road, but the dyno numbers let it down, no magic 400bhp figure.

Then it all turned to shit and went downhill, I fell into the trap and started to chase the numbers, so I bought an FP Green Evo 9 turbo as everyone was raving about them at the time.

I fitted it and tweaked the map, put it on the dyno and had a lovely 436bhp / 430lbft, I was happy as a pig in shit, except the turbo failed after 2299 miles, and it wiped the engine out with it :poop:

Couldn't afford to pay someone to rebuild the engine for me, so I downloaded the Ralliart workshop manual and set about pulling the engine out on the in-laws driveway.

Engine stripped down in the garage, and lots of damage from turbo debris to the bores and piston skirts, also minor pitting to the tops of the pistons where shrapnel had dug in.

Anyway I took the block to local machine shop, and he managed to save it with a hone and some minor work to the pistons to clean them up.

Rods were good to go again as was the crank.

So new piston rings order, new gasket set, oil pump, intercooler, turbo (evo 9 turbo), big end bearings, main bearings, oil cooler, and lots and lots of oil.

So I rebuild the engine in the in-laws garage, took me a few days as I was taking it slow and double / triple checking everything, got the engine built and refitted.

First start up I was shitting it, I had already primed the oil pump whilst the engine was on the stand, so knew it wouldn't start dry, but even so I was just hoping it would all be good.

And it fired up on 1st turn of the key and sounded "ok" a little tappy (to be expected) but soon went quiet.

I let it warm up for a few mins, then shut it down so I could check it all over, no leaks (that was a shock), so with that I took it for it's first drive to run in the engine.

I planned to do the hard run in (using boost and revs) 20 miles on mineral oil, then dump the oil, then 200 miles on semi, dump the oil, 500 miles on fully dump the oil and then put it on it's final fully synthetic oil.

So start of the run in process is good, car responds well, boost is ok, obviously not revving the tits off it, but letting it rev and boost.

But on the way back to do it's 1st oil change, I was going up a hill when all of a sudden the oil light comes on, needless to say I turned the engine off instantly, and coasted into a driveway (which was handily placed), rang the father in law for a tow back to his place.

Next morning I go to check the damage and an oil line (push fit connection) from the oil cooler had shit itself, dumped all the oil out and I already knew the engine was a gonna, but removed the sump and it was full of glitter :(

So engine came back out and was stripped down again.

Crank was fucked this time, nice big score, so needed a replacement crank, all new bearings again, new oil pump again, new gasket set, new oil cooler and some proper compression fit oil lines.

Car was off the road for a few months, whilst I saved up for the new parts.

I didn't bother to take the block to the machine shop this time as the bores and pistons were ok, so just poored about 25 litres of brake cleaner through the engine, every port I could, and then poored about 10 litres of oil through it afterwards (top and bottom of the block to make sure it went through everything), then flushed it again with about another 15 litres of brake cleaner, this removed all the debris from the bearings.

Finally got the engine back together again and it was great, ran it all in, with no issues, the car pulled well and I was happy.

Got it on the dyno and it was pushing out 430bhp / 420lbft (stock evo 9 turbo, no fancy FP Green this time).

In the meantime Forced Performance had started slagging me off on the USA Evo forum, they obviously didn't realise that I was member on there, saying that someone in the UK said that there turbo had failed and wiped out the engine and that it was complete bollox and made up by someone that bought an unknown turbo that was saying it was one of there's.

So I called them out on it, posted pictures of the turbo before and after it failed, then pictures of the damage to the engine, in the end they contacted me to appologies for there post, but said it wasn't a warranty issue as the turbo wasn't at fault, but offered to send me a replacement anyway as a gesture of goodwill, they also offered an upgrade to there new FP Red turbo, so I accepted the offer.

That turbo was swapped as soon as it arrived for a Garret GT30R as I had no intention of fitting anything from Forced Performance again.

I planned to fit the GT30 at a later date and saved up to buy a decent manifold for it.

However not long after this, the Evo 9 turbo failed, it just stopped boosting one day, no warning, no weird noises just suddenly no boost.

Turbo was still complete but the shaft wouldn't spin, so I ended up borrowing an Evo 6 Tommi Mak turbo from a mate, to get mine back on the road.

Tweaked the map to suit (as it came on boost a bit earlier and dropped off a bit sooner), put the car back on the dyno and it was pushing 415bhp / 420lbft which came as a shock to my mate as he couldn't get more than 380bhp out of this turbo on his Tommi Mak and was told the turbo isn't good enough for more than that by his tuner.

Anyway the car was still running fine for a couple of months, then 1 day in Mexico I had a race with a Subaru Sti, I showed it a clean pair of heals, but just afterwards whilst crusing at 50mph I could hear this faint noise, which started to get worse.

Limped the car home and had a good listen, turned out the big ends were fooked.

Sump off and amongst all the glitter, I found a couple of lumps of metal, which turned out to be the brass journal bearing from a turbo (that failed Evo 9 turbo), that had clearly been span around the crank at high rpm.

Needless to say the engine was removed and stripped down again, crank was fucked, 1 of the big ends was welded to it, and 1 of the others was almost welded into the rod.

So that was it, the car was off the road then for a year, and this time I was either going big, or the car was being broken up.


Boy Racer
I ended up selling the GT30R turbo (and the manifold that I had bought for it), sold the head, I kept the block and decided I was going stroker next, and the 2.2 looked ideal for me as it gave a good power band with good torque, whereas the 2.3 stroker was massive low down torque but not much top end.

In the end I sold the pistons and rods to a tuner that wanted them for his own car, my boss at the time was desperate for a block, so he took mine off me, but replaced it with a low mileage block a couple of months later when one came available.

Bought a head that had, had some mild work done to it (nothing crazy) and swapped the cams for something a little wilder (custom spec 272's).

I bought a K1 2.2 stroker crank, Oliver I beam rods, RC1000cc injectors, Ross Sport V-band GT35R turbo kit (they had only just come onto the market when I bought the kit) with a .63 exhaust housing, ARP head studs (I didn't see the point or the need for L19 head studs at the time). I already had a twin plate clutch and figured this would be fine.

I speced the engine aiming for between 580 and 620bhp.

When it finally all came together, first run on the dyno for a base map was just as wastegate pressure of 1.2bar and it was 508bhp, which for a snowy December was perfect to run it in with.

Once running in was finished and boost was turned up to 2.0bar it was 623bhp / 525lbft and the power band was from just over 4000rpm / 8000rpm (8300rpm rev limit in the end) :D

However the clutch wasn't happy, it started to slip as boost came in, so I swapped to a triple plate clutch, it turned out that there was no problem with the twin plate, other than all the bolts had come loose so it wasn't clamping properly, but I figured the credit card is maxed now, so fuck it, fit the triple plate and sell on the twin plate.

It was like a rocket, however a few months later, I noticed there was a slight misfire, and the alloy rad had also expanded, turned out I had suffered with a bit of head lift :(

So head off, and sent away to be checked (all good), new headgasket ordered, new Cosworth L19 head studs ordered and Ross Sport offered to send me a .82 exhaust housing for free if I wanted it (in exchange for my .63), so I swapped the exhaust housing over at the same time as the turbo was off the car with the head.

When it all went back together, the car felt good, but different, it wasn't as lively with the bigger exhaust housing but did have more top end pull.

I went to a dyno day a couple of months later to give it a run and see what difference there was in power, but they didn't strap the car down properly and the car ended up jumping off the dyno, which damaged the exhaust (squashed it into the prop shaft), caused the engine to stall whilst on full chat.

The car was drivable but it didn't feel right which I put down to the exhaust being wedged into the propshaft.

I got the car home but my mother was in hospital at the time, so the car was parked up and I left it for a while as my mother passed away a few days later.

At this point I lost all interest in the car, so I hired a lockup and dumped the car in that for about 4 - 5 months and didn't touch it.

Eventually I went back to it, and the exhaust was beyond repair, it was bent and twisted completely out of shape, so the back box was sold and the rest was scrapped.

New exhaust ordered and the car was back on the road, but I had decided it was time for the car to go, I had no real interest in it anymore, I loved it, but it cost a fortune to run (100 miles to a tank of fuel, no matter if it was just nipping to the shops or going balls out, it drank fuel like no tomorrow), so couldn't really go anywhere in it.

20 miles or so later though, the turbo failed, again no warning just suddenly no boost.

So cut power to engine straight way and coasted into a car park, another call to the father in law and the car was towed back to his driveway again.

Next morning, I removed the sump and found it full of ball bearings lol.

Checked the big end's and luckily they were all good, so just a turbo required this time.

Garret GTX35R this time as they offered more power for similar money, took a few weeks for it to arrive and in this time I had decided enough was enough and the car was definitely going now.

The GTX35R was fitted eventually, I tweaked the map again to suit and I probably did about 500 miles in the car from then until it sold it about 9 months later. Gave the dyno a widebirth, I was not interested in what power it made, I could feel it had more top end power.

I ended up selling to some guy from Scotland, that arrived at my place at 1:30am, paid with £100 Scottish notes (never even knew those things existed), and left a dog of an Evo 5 with me in PX (that I actually told him I didn't want in the end so he gave me an extra 1K ontop of what we originally agreed). He left mine at around 2:30am and rang me at 8am to say the car is going on the dyno in an hour. He rang me later on in the day to say it made 730bhp :D

Shit sorry for the life story, got a bit carried away there, maybe worth moving this to it's own thread (story so long I had to split it into 2 posts) ?

boba fett

Racing Driver
Great write up, and some nice Evo’s there.

What do you think the Evo 1 is worth now, given they have gone up in value?


Boy Racer
Great write up, and some nice Evo’s there.

What do you think the Evo 1 is worth now, given they have gone up in value?
Probably atleast 15K, it was a mega rare car even when I had it 11 years ago.

The Evo 3 bodykit was removed, and the original interior was refitted when I sold it and the Evo 1 turbo was refitted.

I sold it to 1 of the guys that was well known in the MLR Sprint series and he did a few events in it, then it was sold to DYC in York, and last I heard it ended up in Sweden.

The guy that bought the Evo 6 RS2 only kept it a couple of months, and sold it on with a fucked gearbox (as I had a dealer ring me up to ask what the gearbox and transfer box spec were as they needed replacing) and the last I heard, it ended up being converted into a full on race car and used in a Scottish race car championship.